Things to Not Share on Social Media

1. What cow you’re milking on Farmville or how you’re in need of more Candy Crush lives on Facebook 2. Party pictures featuring you inebriated or in a position you should not be 3. That you’re having a party (this might attract a bigger crowd than what you originally...

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4 Ways to Improve Your Digital Brand

There is only one website as far as I know, that is good because it is bad, and that is the Spacejam website that hasn’t changed since the movie debuted in 1996. If anyone else put together a website or pretty much any kind of online...

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How to Combat a Bad Online Review

1. Contact the review site As soon as discovering a bad review, reach out to the review site to ask for help. In keeping with its official standard practices, the company may not remove the bad reviews. However, it is worth the effort to read through...

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