Meet Marco: Why LR3 is Supporting the Senator in 2016

Meet Marco: Why LR3 is Supporting the Senator in 2016

As we stated earlier this week, LR3 Consulting is proud to be leading the charge in Louisiana to elect Senator Marco Rubio as the next President of the United States. There are many reasons to admire Senator Rubio: his common sense conservative policy ideas, his willingness to stand up for his faith and defend religious freedom, and his youthful optimism. His life-story is equally as inspiring, going from the son of Cuban immigrants to Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives to U.S. Senator to candidate for the White House. What truly sets him apart though is his youth, resilience, and background-all of which uniquely positions him to defeat the Democratic nominee in November. Senator Rubio has shown that as President, he would not only walk the walk but also talk the talk when it comes to fixing America’s biggest problems. Here are some of his stances and solutions on key issues:


  • Common Core: Sen. Rubio supports an immediate end to federal agencies encouraging or implementing common core and. He believes in returning control of education back to states and local communities and getting rid of Washington bureaucrats who impose standards and curriculum on the nation’s children.
  • The national debt: As we all know, the $18.9 trillion and growing debt that America has incurred is a disaster. Marco Rubio has many ideas on how to get spending under control, including fighting for a Balanced Budget Amendment and forcing Washington to live within its means without raising taxes, repealing ObamaCare and therefore cutting trillions in spending on the job-destroying law, pushing for line-item veto authority to cut wasteful spending, permanently banning pork- barrel earmarks, reducing the size of the federal workforce in Washington, preventing massive/irresponsible spending bills, and finally reforming Medicare and Social Security for future generations without impacting those in or near retirement.
  • Health Care: Every GOP presidential candidate has been outspoken against ObamaCare but Senator Rubio has stood out in the sense that he actually has a solution that will not only repeal the Affordable Care Act, but also continue to improve healthcare across the United States. His plan includes expanding access to affordable, quality health coverage by providing every American with a refundable tax credit that can be used to purchase insurance, expanding access to consumer-centered health plans, reforming insurance regulations, and putting protections in place to ensure those with pre-existing health conditions can get access to affordable coverage.
  • Foreign Policy: Senator Rubio has created a plan for strengthening foreign policy, known as the Rubio Doctrine. It entails three major pillars: American Strength, American Prosperity, and American Values. Under each category are reforms such as modernizing our force to remain cutting edge, permanently extending Section 215 of the Patriot Act, completing the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, and defeating radical Islamic terrorism.


To learn more about Senator Marco Rubio or to become a volunteer for his campaign, visit his website at and keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.

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