Presidential Ads Throughout the Ages

Presidential Ads Throughout the Ages

With the Primaries getting closer every day, you may have noticed an increase in political advertisements as campaigns attempt to turn up the heat in the home stretch. In some cases these 30 second blurbs are key tools in influencing on-the-fence voters, especially in swing states. Throughout the years, the amount of money spent on these ads has steadily increased, with Obama spending $397.9 million in 2012 on media buy alone. It is interesting to note in an election season that often refers to the past, specifically the Reagan era, how much political advertising has evolved from its debut in 1960. Here are a few examples of TV ads by winning candidates from 1960 to 2008.


John F. Kennedy, 1960:


Ronald Reagan, 1980:


George W. Bush, 2000:


Barack Obama, 2008:

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