4 Ways to Improve Your Digital Brand

4 Ways to Improve Your Digital Brand

There is only one website as far as I know, that is good because it is bad, and that is the Spacejam website that hasn’t changed since the movie debuted in 1996.
If anyone else put together a website or pretty much any kind of online presence in a similar way, they will probably just be laughed at. On the other hand, if a corporation goes the opposite way and over does their branding and online presence without taking the right steps, they can lose credibility.
So with the line between terrific and terrible being so thin, how can companies make sure they are staying on the right path?
Here are four areas to pay attention to in order to ensure success in the sometimes-complicated world that is digital branding.

Production Quality
Having a pixelated logo, with Times New Roman or a similar basic font is a guarantee to bring discretization. It doesn’t make a difference if the product you are promoting is the best in business if you cannot market it the right way.
This is one of the most obvious and simple ways that production value can create issues for your digital branding; a less apparent, but equally important element is the production quality of your UX.
If your imagery is great and words concise in a good font, but are combined with unmanageable navigation, you will do just as much damage to your branding.

Social Media Outreach
Firstly, having the ability to actively engage with people through social media should be at the core of any of your online work. It should not just simply be seen as a way to instantly spread your message to more people, but should also be seen as a way to gain new audience members and interact with them. This means having back and forth conversations and actually listening to people, rather than just throwing out messages at them.
It also gives you a chance to protect your brand against people who often use social media to spread negativity about it. Having the ability to turn a complaint into a compliment is all about stopping the momentum before the snowball turns into an avalanche.

Be A Thought Leader
Readers want to hear an authoritative voice when reading content online. This means that in order to get your message across efficiently, and improve the overall quality of your brand, you need to become a “thought leader.”
People are far more likely to buy from someone who seems to know what they’re talking about rather than somebody who just simply provides a service.
Often times, this comes down not to just one single well-written post or article, but through a considerable volume of recently updated content in combination with collaboration with others who can add volume to your arguments.
It is vital that you don’t attempt to try to do too much too soon, as this may harm more than help your brand. Sitting back and allowing time to pass while creating a trail of work behind you will improve your brand, especially if you are writing about relevant, impactful subjects.

Own Your Name
This is a relatively new idea, but is also something that corporations are taking seriously, those that don’t could face damaging themselves.
It can be fairly simple to make sure that you own all slight variations of your name, especially if you are a new name. Those who haven’t made this a priority and have continued to grow have seen the potential devastation that can ensue.
Apple is an excellent example, after failing to secure the iWatch name (which would match with all of their other products – iPhone, iPad, etc.) they were forced to call their smart watch Apple Watch, which just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.
New domain names can negatively affect your digital branding just as harshly.
Recently, domain names like .porn and .adult have become available to the open market, which means not only could your SEO take a hit, but your brand’s reputation could be destroyed in the process. Some big names have made the attempt to counter this by buying the dirty domain names before someone else could. This includes Taylor Swift who bought taylorswift.porn and Microsoft who bought office.adult.
Digital brand enhancement and protection is about 24/7 vigilance to sloppy design, poor social media etiquette, or even outside threats coming from changes in the digital realm. There have been too many companies who haven’t taken notice when they should have and they unfortunately paid the price, make sure your company isn’t one of them.

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