Things to Not Share on Social Media

Things to Not Share on Social Media

1. What cow you’re milking on Farmville or how you’re in need of more Candy Crush lives on Facebook
2. Party pictures featuring you inebriated or in a position you should not be

3. That you’re having a party (this might attract a bigger crowd than what you originally anticipated)

4. Complaints about your boss
5. That you can’t stand your job and deserve better…you might just get what you’re asking for
6. Pictures or plans that prove you weren’t really sick on your “sick day”
7. Friend drama
8. Family drama
9. Someone else’s friend or family drama
10. Hints that could give away your private passwords
11. Any financial information
12. Pictures that reveal your permanent address
13. Details about you or your kids’ personal schedules
14. When you will be gone on your next vacation (invitation for thieves)
15. That you’ve just committed a crime. Yes this has happened before.
16. Your bodily functions
17. Extremist views about race, religion, or politics
18. Thoughts about a court case that you’re currently on jury duty for
19. Which person from your high school got arrested this weekend
20. The food you’re eating (unless you’re a chef – that’s okay I guess)
21. Anything showing you doing something stupid or embarrassing
22. Anything you’re uncomfortable with

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